Two Local Races May Head to Recounts

Two county races appear to be heading for a formal recount, according to filing made on July 10, the deadline for such decisions. In the closes race across the state, current State Delegate Doyle Niemann is poised to challenge ballots in the Prince George’s County Council primary where he finished six votes behind rival Deni Taveras.

From coverage in The Daily Record:

Two candidates in local races in Baltimore and Prince George’s Counties filed Thursday for recounts in their primary election races.

Tony Campbell, a Republican candidate for Baltimore County Executive, and outgoing Del. Doyle L. Niemann, a Democratic candidate for the Prince George’s County Council, both filed requests with their respective county election boards asking for a recount.

Campbell lost the primary to George H. Harman by a slim  18 votes or .08 percent of the 20,704 votes cast for both.

Niemann lost his primary to first-time candidate Deni Taveras, a former staffer for Sen. Victor Ramirez by 6 votes or .12 percent of the 4,840 votes cast for the two candidates.

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Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties