Carroll County Moves to 5 Districts, Turns Over Incumbent Commissioners

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In the September 14 primary election, voters called for new beginnings in Carroll County.  Previously a three-member board elected-at-large, this is the first cycle that a five-member, by district board will be elected.  In addition, two sitting Commissioners running in their new districts were defeated by primary opponents.

Carroll County Commissioner Julia Gouge, a MACo Past President and current Legislative Committee member, was defeated in a four-way race in her new district, District 2.  Commissioner Gouge has served five terms as a Commissioner, beginning in 1986,  and is Maryland’s current representative on the National Association of Counties Board of Directors and one of MACo’s two representatives to the Board of Directors of the Northeast Regional Caucus.

Carroll County Commissioner Michael Zimmer, who also serves on MACo’s Legislative Committee, was defeated yesterday in his new district, District 5.   Commissioner Zimmer has served as a Commissioner since 2006.

Former Carroll County Commissioner Perry Jones, who was hoping to reclaim his seat on the Board, was defeated in a five-way race in District 4.  Mr. Jones served as a Commissioner from 2002 to 2006 and was a member of the MACo Board of Directors.

See extended coverage from the Carroll County Times.

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