MDA Encourages Marylanders to Visit Local Creameries & Dairy Farms

Between May 19 and September 15, the Maryland Department of Agriculture is encouraging citizens to promote dairy farmers by visiting the eight farms included in this year’s Maryland’s Best Ice Cream Trail.

The purpose of the Ice Cream Trail is to highlight the important contributions of Maryland’s 496 dairy farms which accounted for $188 million in sales in 2012; and to increase the public’s general understanding of dairy farming by encouraging them to visit a farm and see what dairy farming is really like, all while enjoying delicious, locally produced ice cream.

The ice cream trail is composed of these eight dairy farm creameries:

From the MDA press release:

Anyone who completes their Ice Cream Trail passport by visiting every stop on the trail and answering a question from each creamery between May 19 and Sept. 15 will have their passport entered into a drawing to be named the 2014 Ice Cream Trail Blazer.

…Residents can pick up an Ice Cream Trailblazer Passport at any of the farm creameries (or download it online at after May 19. The person selected as the 2014 Trail Blazer will win a $50 gift certificate to their favorite creamery and other prizes.