This Week’s MACo Testimony – Week of January 27, 2014

The MACo staff gave testimony this week on the following bills:

January 29, 2014:

MACo supported this widely-lauded departmental bill (seeking clarifying amendments) as one of its annual legislative initiatives – seeking broader flexibility to use Bay Restitution Funds for public sewer hookups, rather than just septic upgrades.

MACo supported provisions allowing local governments a reasonable administrative allowance when enforcing state regulations regarding septic systems (the bill has already received quick preliminary approval in the House).

MACo opposed a bill requiring county tax collectors to re-send property owner information to revised addresses, which could seriously burden both tax billing and collection procedures.

MACo joined other education stakeholders and supported a clarifying bill to define air quality regulations as prospective from the time of their adoption.

MACo supported recommendations of an interim workgroup to modernize and refresh funding guidelines for local public safety grants and their county-level administration.

MACo opposed a broad expansion of a tax credit for all military retirees (but did not offer opposition to a more targeted proposal for retirees over 65).

January 30, 2014:

MACo supported a requirement that a stakeholder-driven economic analysis (including county consultation) precede the adoption of controversial phosphorous regulations.

MACo supported another initiative bill – the Administration’s proposal to govern the multi-agency Maryland FiRST radio system through a collaborative Board with local government representation.

To see online versions of MACo’s written testimony from the 2014 legislative session, click here.