US Dept of Education Provides Best Practices Bookshelf & Blog

As reported in Ed Review, the bi-weekly update of the US Department of Education, the Department recently created two new online resources to provide presentations and stories of innovations and best practices in education.

To assist the public, the Department has released a messaging Bookshelf — a series of ready-made presentations that highlight many focus areas in education.  These slide decks present facts, charts, data, and other information reflecting progress and challenges in improving education, as well as Department programs and initiatives that aim to close achievement gaps and foster equal educational opportunities.  Overall, the Bookshelf tells a story about the progress in education reform, the work still left to be done, and the agency’s top priorities.

The Department has also created a new Progress blog that focuses on success stories and innovative ideas.  Posts will offer insight into the transformation taking place in classrooms, schools, and systems through the creativity and leadership of teachers, school, district, and state leaders, and parents.

One of the Bookshelf powerpoint explores the importance of early childhood education, a topic of discussion among legislators in Maryland.

Download the PowerPoint presentation here.

A child’s beginning years are critical for building the early foundation needed for success in school and in life. Educators and leading economists agree that high-quality early learning programs can help to level the playing field for disadvantaged children.

link to Early Learning presentation

Here is a link to all of the Bookshelf presentations, and here is a link to the Progress blog.

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