Maryland Reporter Summarizes Status of General Assembly Incumbents & Candidates

A December 3 article summarizes the status of every filed candidate and most announced candidates for the Maryland General Assembly.  The summary is broken down by election districts and incumbents are indicated with parentheses.  A snippet from the article, showing the layout and formatting:

Maryland General Assembly

District 1A: One delegate, Garrett and Allegany (Edwards filed; Beitzel filed) Sen. George Edwards filed for re-election Sept. 12.

District 1B: One delegate, Allegany (Kelly filed)

District 1C: One delegate, Allegany and Washington (Myers is running for Washington County Board of Commissioners) Running: Republicans Michael McKay president of the Allegany County Commissioners and Hancock resident Ray Givens.

District 15: Three delegates, Montgomery Co. (Feldman now a senator and filed for election, Dumais filed, Miller filed)

 Gov. Martin O’Malley named David Fraser-Hidalgo as the new delegate in the open seat left by Brian Feldman’s appointment to the Senate, reports the Washington Post. He filed for election on Nov. 18.

Former Del. Saqib Ali, a Democrat who formerly represented District 39 before re-districting, filed Sept. 13 for delegate. He had sought appointment to the seat.

Former Del. Robin Ficker, 70, and his son Flynn Ficker, 31, have formed a “Fickers for District 15″ slate, with the senior Ficker running for Senate and the younger running for delegate.

District 16: Three delegates, Montgomery (Frosh and Frick running for AG, Lee filed for Senate, Kelly) Aspirations for higher office have produced an open Senate seat and two open delegate seats.

Del. Susan Lee is the only announced candidate for the Senate race, after Reggie Oldak announced she had decided against running, blogs Louis Peck for Bethesda Magazine. But other contenders are said to be considering a run.

All the candidates so far are Democrats. Bethesda resident Jordan Cooper has announced for delegate, as has Kevin Walling, former communications director for Equality Maryland, Marc Korman, a Democrat, is also running for delegate, as Hrant Jamgochian has filed for delegate. He also ran in 2010. Former Del. Gareth Murray, a Democrat, filed Oct. 1 for delegate.

District 41: Three delegates, Baltimore City (Gladden filed, Carter filed, Oaks, Rosenberg filed)

Will Hanna announced he is running for state Senate against incumbent Lisa Gladden, reports Luke Broadwater in the Sun. Hanna is a Park Heights community leader who served 11 years in the U.S. Army’s Special Operations Command.

Filed for delegate: Michael Pearson and Joyce Smith

District 42: Baltimore County (Brochin, 42A Lafferty, new 42B, Aumann; Frank retiring, Boteler, Kach runs for council)

Republican Chris Cavey filed for Senate on Nov. 14. plans on periodically updating this list.