MABE Adopts 2014 Legislative Priorities

Founded in 1957, The Maryland Association of Boards of Education (MABE) represents the local school board point of view to the General Assembly and State Board of Education.

MABE recently adopted its 2014 Legislative Priorities.  These include governance autonomy for local school boards, State funding for schools and school construction, among others.  A few of MABE’s top priorities for the 2014 Legislative Session include:

  • Support for continued governance autonomy for local boards of education to set education policy and school budgets; and opposition to unfunded mandates–MABE supports continued autonomy for all local boards to adopt education policies that promote high standards for academic and fiscal accountability. Therefore, MABE opposes any legislative or regulatory initiatives which would have the effect of reducing local board governance or budgetary authority, or which create unfunded mandates.
  • Support for full State funding for Maryland’s outstanding public schools–MABE urges the continued support of the Governor and General Assembly for full funding of public education in the FY 2015 State Budget. Our public schools are ranked Number One in the nation. Sustaining Maryland’s success at this time of rapid change and rising expectations to prepare all students to be career and college ready will require increased per pupil spending. Therefore, the FY 2015 State Budget should build on last year’s per pupil amount of $6,829 by an increase of 1 percent.
  • Support for robust State funding for school construction and renovation projects–MABE places a high priority on providing students high quality, healthy, and safe learning environments. Therefore, we greatly appreciate the State’s consistent investment of between $250 million and $400 million in school construction and renovation projects. The FY2015 school construction budget should meet or exceed the $325 million provided in last year’s FY 2014 budget to ensure that all Maryland schools are better learning environments to prepare our students to be college and career ready.

Read the full list of MABE’s 2014 Legislative Priorities and additional background here.

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