Energy Potential in Garbage and Chicken Waste?

An October 23 Capital-Gazette article reports than Annapolis-based firm Energy3 LLC is supporting local government gasification projects for garbage and chicken manure.

Energy3 LLC is trying to interest Maryland municipalities in a procedure to gasify curbside garbage — and chicken manure — and then turn it into electricity. The power generated can be sold back to the grid and create another revenue stream for communities.  …

“From an environmental standpoint, it’s a significantly improved option to a landfill,” said Energy3 Chief Operating Officer Patrick Saty. “We really need to come up with a financial and environmentally sound solution to manage (trash).”  …
Energy3 finances up to 100 percent of the cost of its system over a 10 to 25 year period.

The system is designed to meet the needs of a municipality, and investments range from $10 million for a smaller community to $180 million for a major metropolitan area, officials said.

The effort has received some interest from Wicomico County officials, who saw the process in action. Lee Beauchamp, director of the county’s public works department, said the process would be in line with the state’s zero-waste efforts.

The article also notes that last year Anne Arundel County completed a landfill gas-to-electricity project for the Millersville landfill.

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