Allegany Contemplates Economic Development Plans

Allegany County has recently to refine and develop its strategies for economic and workforce development in the county, but is uncertain on the process going forward, and whether outside consultant assistance is merited. From an article on the Cumberland Times-News:

The strategic plan, adopted on Aug. 1 by Allegany County commissioners, was completed in 2012 and is already a year old, [Allegany County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Stu] Czapski said.

A strategic group, of which Czapski is a member, continues to meet, but is not tasked with developing an appendix or addition to the plan.

Czapski said that good things are happening, but the road map needs more details. He emphasized he was not criticizing individuals, but hoped to improve the likelihood of good results.

“I am honestly excited about how far we’ve come. … We have more work to do,” Czapski said.

County Commission President Mike McKay recognized the work by many stakeholders already going into the effort:

The work to plan the future course of economic development has already been done, McKay said.

“The county began work on an Economic Development Plan in 2010. By late 2012, our staff had completed a document that encompassed both strategic and land use elements. As you are aware, last fall, the commissioners worked with the Allegany County Chamber of Commerce to form a nine-member committee to provide suggestions and additional input to what staff had completed,” McKay said.

Plans are for periodic meetings to be held to monitor the progress of the plan as staff at the county measure various economic variables (or metrics) at different times throughout any given year, McKay said.

The strategic work group will continue to move things forward, McKay said.

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Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties