Governor Names Members of Transportation Task Force

Governor O’Malley announced the members of a new task force on Saturday, August 17, to study regional and local transportation funding issues. His remarks during the MACo summer conference provided an opportunity to announce county representation on the group.  MACo will be represented by its President, Wicomico County Executive Rick Pollitt, and Lonnie Robbins, Chief Administrative Officer for Howard County.

From the Governor’s Office press release:

The Task Force will study and make recommendations on the feasibility of creating regional transit financing entities and local–option transportation revenues for the purpose of raising additional funds to support regional and local transportation system needs throughout the State.

This task force was created as part of the Transportation Infrastructure Investment Act of 2013 (Transportation Act) signed into law on May 16th. The Transportation Act will support 57,200 jobs and invest a total of $4.4 billion over the next six years (FY 2014 – FY 2019), to enable Maryland to build a balanced, 21st century transportation system.

The eleven member task force will be chaired by the Governor’s former Chief of Staff, Matthew  Gallagher, and will also include Transportation Secretary Jim Smith, municipal officials, and state lawmakers.