Carroll to Consider Freezing School Impact Fee

As reported by the Carroll County Times, county commissioners will be considering a resolution at an upcoming meeting to keep the school impact fee at zero through June 2016.   The Commissioners previously took action to lower the fee to zero through June 2014.  From the article:

In the past, the county has charged home developers two impact fees when they file their application to build a house — one to address increased school capacity and another to build parks. The thinking behind the impact fees is that the more people who move into new homes, the more facilities are needed, according to Ted Zaleski, director of the county’s Department of Management and Budget.

The school impact fee previously charged to developers had varied from $2,257 to $7,006, depending on the kind of home that is built.

Since the Carroll County Public School system’s student population is declining and capacity does not need to be increased, Zaleski said he doesn’t see a need to collect an impact fee right now.