Frederick School Goes Geothermal

Digging the geothermal wells. Courtesy of the Frederick News Post, staff photo by Sam Yu

As reported in the Frederick News Post, North Frederick Elementary School is digging geothermal wells intended to cut energy costs and move the county school system toward greater environmental friendliness.

North Frederick will be the second elementary school in the county to use geothermal heating and cooling, Barnes said. Lincoln Elementary School was the first to operate the “green” system when it opened after renovations last August.

“Geothermal wells replace the traditional boiler and air conditioning chillers that large buildings typically use to heat and cool,” Barnes said.

The school system spent about $1.21 per square foot to heat and cool Lincoln Elementary in its first year, Barnes said, compared with an average $1.81 per square foot for the county’s other elementary schools.

The project also has the potential of becoming a learning opportunity for Frederick students.

Wells can also be valuable tools for teaching students about science, engineering and the environment. Some Lincoln students met with construction workers while the wells were being dug to learn about geothermal dynamics, then created their own projects.

For more information, see the full story from the Frederick News Post.