Wicomico Attracts Pharmaceutical Business

county unemployment rates 2013
Unemployment Rates by County in Maryland, May 2013. Courtesy of the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. Rates shown are a percentage of the labor force. Data refer to place of residence. County data for both the current and prior year are subject to revision early in the following calendar year. Last Modified July 08, 2013

An editorial in the Delmarva Now describes how a locally-based pharmaceutical company, Jubilant Cadista, is planning to expand and add about 200 jobs in the next five years and renovate its facility in Salisbury, Wicomico County.

According to the editorial, the jobs range from chemists and mechanics to industrial pharmacists and people to package the product. About 75 percent of the positions are expected to be filled by local residents. Wicomico County has been struggling against an 8%+ unemployment rate, the editorial describes.

The editorial credits government efforts coupled with increases in the cost of shipping products from India as influencing the company’s decision to grow its Maryland operations.

Jubilant Cadista’s CEO, Scott Delaney, said the company plans to double the number of product lines handled in Salisbury once the expansion is complete. Delaney also pointed out that cooperation and encouragement from Salisbury Mayor Jim Ireton, Wicomico County Executive Rick Pollitt and the governor were instrumental.

For the full editorial, see the Delmarva Now.