Carroll Increases Security at County Office Building

To enhance the safety of all who visit and work at the Carroll County Office Building in Westminster, sheriff’s deputies will be posted at the front entrance beginning on Thursday, September 19th. The change marks the first step of the County’s plan to enhance security at the complex.

In August, the Board of Commissioners (BOC) voted unanimously to move forward with security enhancements  – including sheriff’s deputies – for the County Office Building, including an updated visitor management system, notification system, and building feature enhancements.

“In today’s world, it is critical to consistently evaluate and make changes to facilities to update security; these are constant challenges and these enhancements will increase the safety of our citizens and staff,” Board President Stephen Wantz said.

According to a press release:

A Carroll County Government Security Team evaluated building features, operational processes and necessary training needed to maintain a safe and secure environment for customers and employees and presented background and recommended the changes. The BOC, committed to consistently evaluating and implementing changes to update security in county facilities, decided to move forward with recommended security modifications to enhance the safety of visitors and employees in the County Office Building. Future enhancements will begin in the coming weeks.

The commissioners, acknowledging there are constant new security challenges and available enhancements, resolve to secure properties proactively rather than reactively and are committed to increasing the safety of citizens and staff.

Commissioner Stephen Wantz, board president stated, “We have always received excellent assistance from the bailiffs at the building’s front desk, and we thank them for their loyalty and service. This change simply further enhances the building security for our visitors and workforce.”

Visit Carroll County’s website for more information.

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