Howard County Officials Propose Modifications to County Stormwater Fee

A June 21 WBAL article reports that Howard County Executive Ken Ulman has announced that the County will begin collecting its stormwater fee with the issuance of property tax bills in December.  The article also reports that the County Executive has introduced legislation that would lower the fee rates.

Under legislation approved by the county council in March the fee was $105 annually  for all homeowners.

Under Ulman’s new proposal owners of townhouses and condominiums would be charged $15 annually.  Owners of single-family homes on lots up to one-quarter acre in size would pay $45.  Owners of homes on lots more than one-quarter acre would pay $90 annually.

The fee on commercial properties of $15 per 500 square feet of  paved surfaces  would remain, but Ulman is proposing a cap on the fees for businesses that can prove their assessment is a hardship.  His proposal would also allow non-profit organizations to be exempt from the fee if they agree to a county approved stormwater treatment plan.

The article also notes that Councilman Greg Fox has also proposed legislation that would cap or reduce the fee.