Opinion Piece Expresses Opposition to Bag Tax in Baltimore City

In an opinion piece in the Baltimore Sun, Dan Rodricks expresses opposition to a bag tax in Baltimore City stating that City residents are just “taxed and feed” out.

This time, I’m with Santoni. That is to say, I agree with Bob Santoni, the outspoken owner of the Baltimore supermarket that bears his family’s name, that some members of the brain trust running our fair city have stepped through the looking glass.

“They live in a fantasy world down at City Hall,” Santoni said when asked about the latest scheme to nickel and dime people who live and work in Baltimore — a proposal by a young city councilman to impose a 10-cent fee for every plastic bag provided in a retail establishment. This would include the shopping bags from Santoni’s.

I agree with Santoni because this idea comes at one of the worst possible times. It’s as if Councilman Brandon Scott, who proposed the fee, and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who said she’s now “open to this legislation,” are oblivious to the 10-car pileup of taxes and fees on average Baltimoreans.