Wicomico County Council Approves $127 Million Budget for Fiscal 2014

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As reported by the Daily Times,

Wicomico County’s $127 million budget for the upcoming fiscal year was approved by the county council this morning.

The budget includes about $10 million more in spending than last year and increases the property tax rate to about $9 for every $1,000 of assessed value.

The county press release summarizes changes made to the budget by Council.

Significant changes to the proposed budget include:

A reduction of the Executive’s proposed allocation of $1 million above Maintenance of Effort for the Board of Education to $629,000

County Executive Pollitt accepted the following recommendations made by the Council:

  • An appropriation of $1 million in additional funds to accelerate the Roads Division’s maintenance program
  • A 1.7% increase for county employees who were not otherwise receiving an increase. The 1.7% is the allowable inflation adjustment under the revenue cap.