Scrap Metal Implementation – Next Steps

The Junk Dealers and Scrap Metal Processors Workgroup met for a second time to discuss implementation of the statewide scrap metal legislation.  SB 99 is emergency legislation which took effect on the day the bill was signed by Governor O’Malley, May 4, 2010.  This means there is now a great sense of urgency to begin implementing the statewide reporting requirements.

As previously reported, each local jurisdiction is required to pass a resolution designating the primary law enforcement unit responsible for the enforcement and the receipt of records required under the law.   A Resolution Template is being provided to assist with the drafting of this resolution.

For ease of implementation, the Workgroup is suggesting  that the Regional Automated Property Information Database (RAPID) be used and that the current primary law enforcement designations under this system apply.  Knowing that it may take a few months for jurisdictions to approve resolutions, the Workgroup is suggesting that the use of these designations begin immediately.  If this poses a problem for your jurisdiction, please contact me as soon as possible.  The links below contain the RAPID Standard Operating Procedures and primary law enforcement designations.

Rapid Standard Operating Procedures (RAPID)
Primary Law Enforcement Designations for RAPID

This will not preclude a local jurisdiction from designating a different law enforcement unit to enforce the new junk dealer and scrap metal law.  This will be an initial implementation step until all designations are determined through a resolution.  Of course, a jurisdiction may choose the law enforcement unit already designated.

To implement the reporting requirements, the Workgroup is suggesting that local jurisdictions follow the same approach as Baltimore County, a dealer to vendor reporting arrangement.  Baltimore County has a contractual arrangement with Business Watch International, Inc. (BWI) for the electronic submission of all specified transactions.  This is the same reporting entity that is used for the mandated electronic reporting of transactions by the pawn and precious metal industry throughout the State of Maryland.

With this approach, as a condition of doing business, all junk and scrap metal dealers will be required to subscribe to BWI to electronically report all transactions.  The subscription fee is $200.

Scrap metal dealers contacting local law enforcement for registration purposes can be referred to the RAPID Help Desk at or 443-986-1427.

Training meetings for the implementation of this new statewide law will be held in mid-to late June and there will be a session held during the MACo Summer Conference.

Over the next couple of months, it is very important for each jurisdiction to approve a resolution designating the primary law enforcement unit as required in State law.

Stay tuned to Conduit Street for implementation information.

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