Inclement Weather Procedures for MACo and Annapolis Meetings

As bad weather has already reached Maryland, and the legislative session is in full swing, MACo wants our members and meeting participants to have easy and timely access to information on Annapolis events. On any day with inclement weather, MACo will post information to the blog site on its policy for that day as early as possible — usually by 7:30am.

Here are a few guidelines and procedures for events:

The General Assembly – Bill hearings, briefings, and other public events conducted by the General Assembly are very rarely canceled due to bad weather. The General Assembly’s website is a reliable source for any overall closures, and if MACo is aware of anything being delayed or canceled, we will post it on the Conduit Street blog.

MACo Meetings – For the MACo Legislative Committee and other meetings at the MACo offices, MACo staff will consult with Association leadership in determining a closure policy. Recognizing the statewide nature of the organization, we seek to be respectful of those who face substantial travel to attend these meetings — so our consideration will include looking at multiple regions of the state, not just the state of the roadways in and around Annapolis.

Please be aware, though, that cancellation of a Legislative Committee meeting will often lead to bill positions or other strategic considerations being delayed – and may trigger extraordinary procedures to direct MACo’s advocacy. Leadership and staff will seek to balance these needs against the travel concerns in making case-by-case decisions on meeting cancellations.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties

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