MACo Conference Session Highlight: How the Chesapeake Bay Defines Us and How We Define It

The Chesapeake Bay is an integral part of Maryland’s heritage and plays an important role in defining us as a state.  This estuary is not only a precious natural resource, but also a vital economic engine that sustains the seafood, shipping, and tourist industries.  But, the Bay’s health has been in trouble for years, and Maryland risks losing the benefits and beauty of this unique treasure.  Learn more about the Bay’s ecological and economic importance, its current state of health, and actions needed to restore it, including pending federal mandates that will have significant impacts on growth and local land use decisions, during the MACo summer conference session, Maryland’s Treasure:  How the Chesapeake Bay Defines Us and How We Define It.  It will be held on Friday, August 20, from 9:15 am – 10:30 am.  Speakers include:

William Baker, President and CEO of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation

The Honorable Maggie McIntosh, Chair of the Environmental Matters Committee, Maryland House of Delegates

The Honorable Francis Jack Russell, President, St. Mary’s County Board of County Commissioners

For more information on the MACo Summer Conference program, visit MACo’s website. 

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