Frederick County’s Top-Recycling Schools Awarded

Eight Frederick County Elementary Schools will be honored next week for their recycling efforts from September 2012 through March 2013.  The recycling rates were tallied by assessing the weight of the recyclable materials collected from each site, divided by the number of recyclers (staff and students) present in each school.  Announced by the Department of Solid Waste Management (DSWM), the top eight of the 37 schools that participated are:

  1. Emmitsburg Elementary, 38.36 pounds recycled per person this school year
  2. Woodsboro Elementary, 36.06 pounds
  3. Ballenger Creek Elementary, 25.53 pounds
  4. Thurmont Primary, 23.57 pounds
  5. Orchard Grove Elementary, 22.99 pounds
  6. Wolfsville Elementary, 22.58 pounds
  7. Liberty Elementary, 20.90 pounds
  8. Waverley Elementary, 20.82 pounds

From Frederick County’s press release:

To recognize the efforts of these schools, each facility will be awarded a school-wide assembly for all staff and students. The program is an interactive performance by a professional magician whose act incorporates a theme of “The Magic of Recycling!” This prize, made possible by an educational grant from Waste Management Recycle America, supports the county’s goal of encouraging students and school staff to examine waste issues and continue their efforts to recycle more and waste less.

All public schools in Frederick County may participate in the single-stream recycling program.  For more information about local waste reduction and recycling programs for youth, please visit Frederick County’s DSWM website.