Salisbury City Council Considers Stormwater Fee

A May 5 article discusses the City of Salisbury’s consideration of a stormwater fee.  The City Council was scheduled to hear a presentation by University of Maryland researchers at their May 5 meeting on the need for such a dedicated fee.

A new study calls for creating a utility to raise more than $25 million throughout 10 years to pay for maintaining and upgrading the system. The City Council is scheduled to hear a presentation today about the “Stormwater Financing Feasibility Study,” which was compiled during the course of a year by University of Maryland researchers.  …

The report suggests charging a flat fee of $40 for each residential property for the first four years. From years five through seven, it jumps to $45. By year eight, it hits $50.

Owners of other types of properties would pay a fee linked to their size and based on the flat residential fee.

Mayor Jim Ireton, though, is recommending that the council adopt a $20 annual fee for homes. If approved, the fees would begin Jan. 1, 2015, and generate about $500,000 for the remaining six months of that fiscal year, officials say.  …

Salisbury is far from alone in contemplating or approving a stormwater utility on the Lower Shore. Berlin created a utility earlier this year, charging a flat rate of $50 a home. Ocean City officials are discussing a $35-a-year fee.