League of Conservation Voters Releases 2014 Environmental Scorecard

The Maryland League of Conservation Voters (MLCV) has released its 2014 Environmental Scorecard for members of the Maryland General Assembly.  Noting that many environmental measures did not receive votes during the 2014 Session, MLCV used this year’s scorecard to highlight the lifetime scores of legislators.  Only two floor bills were considered for the scorecard – HB 296/SB 336 which expanded the State’s “wildlands” areas and HB 621/SB 700 which increased a registration fee for pesticide manufacturers.

From MLCV’s July 23 press release:

“This year, legislators failed to act on several legislative priorities identified by the environmental community, which would have expanded clean energy, promoted environmental justice, and put a hold on fracking,” said Karla Raettig, Executive Director of Maryland LCV. “Legislators defeated or sidestepped critically important bills in all these areas, which is a blow to our state’s environmental future.”

But the environmental community did secure some important victories, including the defeat of 20 bills that would have weakened local programs to control polluted runoff. Governor Martin O’Malley, House Speaker Michael Busch, and key committee chairs, Senator Joan Carter Conway and Delegate Maggie McIntosh, demonstrated exceptional leadership in blocking those rollbacks, Raettig said. And the Assembly passed two measures involving issues that haven’t been addressed in decades: an expansion of protected state wildlands and a significant step to ensure the public has access to information about pesticides used in the community.

Average Scores By House and Party