Allegany County Commissioners Hold Hearing on Fiscal 2014 Budget

As reported by the Cumberland Times-News, Allegany County Commissioners held their first hearing on the county’s proposed fiscal year 2014 budget on May 2. The $82.6 million budget, which was released in late April, includes the first employee pay increase in four years, funds a new sheriffs office, and other one-time expenditures.

The 3 percent cost of living adjustment proposed for county employees would cost $442,237.

Funds for the sheriff’s office, the Allconet improvements and paving will come from so-called “pay as you go” funds, one-time monies available for these projects.

Funds for the one-time expenditures came from savings the county realized through debt refinancing.

Much of the discussion at the first budget hearing focused on school funding.

The county will increase funding for public education next year, but only to maintenance of effort levels required by the state.

The board of education has requested increased funding to allow for some latitude in negotiating with teachers and service personnel on salary and benefit issues.