Radio Show Reflects on “Ag Certainty” Bill and Debate

The WYPR radio show “Maryland Morning” recently focused on high profile legislation offering farmers who engage in various best practices for nutrient management and pollution controls to receive protection from future regulations or mandates. The “Agricultural Certainty” bill yielded extensive debate in Annapolis in the waning weeks of the 2013 session.

From the show’s website:

One of the main challenges is getting farmers to embrace practices that reduce runoff, such fencing off cows to keep them away from streams.

Earlier this month, the Maryland General Assembly passed an “Agricultural Certainty” bill. The idea is that if farmers do take up these best practices, their operations shouldn’t be upended down the line by new pollution laws forcing more changes on them.

Visit the website to hear the audio discussion, archived as a podcast.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties
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