Carroll Stormwater Debate Pending

The Carroll County Times reports that the Carroll County Commissioners will soon receive a recommendation for a stormwater fee from a panel tasked with researching the state-required structure. From the Times article (limited free views available):

The committee, which is made up of farmers, environmental advocates, water resource specialists and business owners, will meet Thursday to decide the best fee structure to charge a stormwater fee for residential homes and businesses in the county. The advisory committee will complete its final report and present it to the commissioners by the end of the month.

However, it will be up to the board of commissioners to decide the fee structure and the actual stormwater fee, according to Brenda Dinne, special projects coordinator for the county.

Also in the Times is an opinion piece by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Maryland Director Alison Prost, who raises arguments for the fee’s uses in advance of the county deliberations:

A special team of experts in Carroll is finishing studying a possible fee dedicated solely to addressing this problem. We think that’s a good idea. It’s also required by state law.

While no one likes additional fees or taxes, this is a serious problem in Carroll that needs attention now, or we risk simply kicking the problem down the road to our children.

Storm water pollution is increasing around the region. Thanks to cooperation among government, business and citizens, water pollution from farms, sewage plants and other sources has been reduced. Not storm water.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties