Howard County Budget Unveiled

As reported in the Baltimore Sun, Howard County Executive Ken Ulman unveiled a $966.7 million operating budget proposal Friday that includes record funding for the public school system and increased funding for the police department.

As described by the Sun,

Ulman’s budget proposal allocates $497.5 million for K-12 public education, a $15.1 million increase over last year. The largest amount ever budgeted for the school system, it will allow for more than 100 additional instructional positions. . . The funding for the Howard County Public School System is nearly $10 million less than the Board of Education requested, but Ulman said he believes Howard County will be the only jurisdiction this year to fund the school system above the required maintenance of effort.

For more information, see the full story from the Sun.  For more information on maintenance of effort funding, see Conduit Street’s previous posts.