Rural Legacy Program Gains Ground

As reported by the Department of Natural Resources, the State recently added 63 acres to its permanently protected rural landscape, eliminating 10 developmental rights in Baltimore and Washington counties.  Governor O’Malley and the Board of Public Works approved funding this week for the additions to the Rural Legacy Program.

The Program will preserve the properties’ environmental and historic significance.  As described by the Department,

In Baltimore County, preservation of the Moore and Skaggs Property. . . will permanently protect 31 acres and prevent the development of one lot. The farm is in the heart of the Piney Run area. It includes more than 535 linear feet of streams lined with trees that work to filter polluted runoff of tributaries that flow into Piney Run, which leads to Loch Raven Reservoir and Gunpowder Falls. . .

In Washington County, preservation of the Morgan Property . . . will permanently protect 32 acres and prevent the development of nine lots. The easement preserves historic land near Antietam Battlefield.

For more information about how the properties are currently used, and their history, see the full press release from the Department of Natural Resources.