Interagency Committee on School Construction Budget Hearing

The Interagency Committee on School Construction (IAC) briefed the House Appropriation Committee’s Education & Economic Development Subcommittee today in Annapolis.  David Lever, Executive Director of the State of Maryland Public School Construction Program provided operating budget and personnel data for fiscal years 2012 through 2014, and an analysis of the fiscal year 2014 Maryland Executive Budget.  Overall the analysis showed that the number of school systems below the statewide average facility age has remained the same as last year, but it is still an improvement over past years.  As the briefing materials state,

The improvement in statewide average facility age reflects the State’s significant investment in school construction in recent years.  Maryland has gained four years in the effort to reduce the age of schools.  Seven years elapsed between 2005 and 2012, but on average the schools aged only three years more.  While the 2012 data shows improvement over the baseline, with seven local education agencies below the State average, the number remains the same as last year.

Find the full briefing materials here.

A complete listing of all fiscal 2014 budget documents affecting county governments can be found on MACo’s website under Research, then Budget and Tax.

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