Superintendents Support School Safety Efforts, Local Flexibility

The Public School Superintendents Association of Maryland (PSSAM) released a statement on safe schools today.  The Safe School Position Statement sets out the safety plans and procedures that are currently required by regulation and asks legislators to include local school system and law enforcement representatives in discussions about new legislation to improve school safety in Maryland. Specifically, PSSAM encourages legislators and Maryland Government officials,

 –    To meet with their local school system and local law enforcement representatives to review school emergency plans, partnership agreements (MOU) that are in place, and visit school sites within their legislative districts to observe and understand the depth of the planning and the challenges that exist.

–        Invite local school system superintendents and school/agency personnel responsible for school safety planning, implementation and monitoring to participate in discussions that may result in proposed legislation or modifications to current policy and regulation.

–        Provide State funding targeting safe school initiatives that is formula driven and not competitive so that all school jurisdictions benefit.  Within reasonable parameters, allow local school system personnel, receiving consultation from law enforcement agencies’ representatives, to determine how to efficiently and effectively apply the funding.

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