Message to State Leaders: County Capital Projects Also Create Jobs

In a letter to the Governor, and House and Senate leaders, MACo’s President Rick Pollitt, asked that county priority projects be considered for funding as the General Assembly considers the Fiscal Year 2014 capital budget.  This message comes on the heels of the Spending Affordability Committee’s report, in which the committee recommended that a $150 million additional capital debt authorization, as proposed by the Administration, be exclusively committed to “economically stimulative, job producing projects.”  As described in the letter,

As we have spoken with our counties, many have indicated that they have projects that could move forward immediately if funds were available.  These include the building of new schools, roadways, wastewater treatment plants, and detention centers.  Counties have also indicated they have funds available for a matching requirement should that be necessary.

While we understand that the proposed Fiscal Year 2014 budget is in its final stages, there will be discussions during the upcoming session regarding capital projects.  As additional projects are considered for funding, we urge you to consider county projects for inclusion.  Counties have many projects that will create jobs across Maryland.  Working together, we can provide employment opportunities to our citizens and generate revenue for the State and counties.

For more information on the State’s capital budget, see the recommendations of the Spending Affordability Committee and our related post, CDAC Approves Multi-Year Borrowing Increase

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