Washington County Moves To Adopt Growth Tiers

A December 12 Herald-Mail article discusses Washington County’s concerns as it moves to adopt a Growth Tier map under the Sustainable Growth and Agricultural Preservation Act of 2012 (SB 236).  The County’s Department of Planning and Zoning estimates that the proposed map would reduce potential development in the County by approximately 24 percent.

On the map Washington County is leaning toward passing, 6.6 percent of the land would be in Tier 1, which allows development under existing public sewer service.

Tier 2, in which public sewer service is planned, would have 7.0 percent of the land.

Tier 3, with no public sewer service, would have 28.2 percent of the land.

In Tier 4, which would have 58.2 percent of the land, only “minor” subdivisions are allowed.

The article also cites County estimates that maps proposed by the State would limit potential development by 45  to 47 percent and notes that the Maryland Department of Planning will report on the status of Growth Tier implementation during the 2013 Session.

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