MDP Launches “Smart Impact” Video Series

On December 4 the Maryland Department of Planning (MDP) announced the creation of a new “Smart Impact” video series that will highlight stories related to how smart and sustainable growth affects people and their personal stories.  From MDP’s announcement:

Today, MDP is pleased to announce the first two videos in a series called Smart Impact.

Smart Impact presents smart and sustainable growth on the ground in Maryland. It is about people and about how smart growth projects and programs have made life better for Marylanders. Whether it is rural preservation, historic rehabilitation and re-use or sustainable development, these are the stories of people first – planning and smart growth is just a part of the story.

The first two videos in the series focus on the owner of Trenton Mills Farm in Baltimore County and the national director of a nonprofit that is now based in a redevelopment project in Hampden.

MDP Smart Impact Webpage

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