Stormwater Management Workgroup Seeks Compromise on Controversial Regulations

At the request of House Environmental Matters Committee Chair Maggie McIntosh, a group of interested stakeholders has been meeting since February 25 to reach a compromise on concerns raised by new State stormwater management regulations that will go into effect on May 4.  Stakeholders include several Committee members and representatives from MACo, the Maryland Municipal League, the building community, the environmental community, and the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE)

The group hopes to modify guidance language proposed by MDE that would address concerns of some stakeholders, including MACo, about the impact the regulations would have on:  (1) projects already “in the pipeline,” including long-term staged development projects; and (2) redevelopment and revitalization projects, which are necessary for Smart Growth.  MACo also strongly believes it will be necessary to either codify the guidance language in statute or regulation in order to protect counties from potential litigation when interpreting the regulations.  The group has a deadline of Tuesday, March 2, to produce results.

A prior Conduit Street blog article provides additional background information.

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