Baltimore and Other Cities Cited for Green Efforts

A November 28 article highlights the environmental and sustainability efforts of numerous cities, including Baltimore City’s green canopy.

Some of the best green ideas are coming not from leaders at the national or international level, but from the people right in our own communities who know the region best. Working with government, nonprofit and private sector supporters, people around the country are transforming their towns for the better. EarthShare’s many national and local members are involved in a great number of these projects.  …

Baltimore, MD


A.Currell / Flickr

In Baltimore, the frequency of crime decreased as the number of trees increased. Overall, a ten percent increase in tree canopy was associated with a 12 percent drop in crime… Baltimore officials and the study’s authors have speculated that the shading effect of a robust tree canopy both encourages neighbors to spend more time outside and offers the impression of a community where people take care of their surrounding and each other. – Arbor Day Foundation

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