Pupils Go Paperless in Baltimore County Pilot Program

As reported in the Baltimore Sun, Baltimore County’s Loch Raven Technical Academy is pioneering a “paperless classroom” for 70 students enrolled in the law and finance magnet program.  Teachers say that the program is a match with their curriculum which requires students to navigate digital platforms as part of their studies, according to the article.

“We’re already heavily reliant on technology for our programs, so this seemed like a perfect marriage,” said Michelle Dressel, magnet coordinator for eighth grade at Loch Raven. “Class will be 24-7, and that’s how students learn today. The [classroom] hasn’t really changed to reflect today’s learner, and this is really taking a huge leap.”

1-inch touch screens with keyboards and specialized apps will be distributed to students in January with $200,000 in funding from the Baltimore County school board as described in the Sun.  The new program will allow students to access online resources, while freeing up computer lab space for other students during school hours.  Students are looking forward to the opportunity to use technology in the classroom,

“I’m very excited,” said Austin Hepburn, a seventh-grader in the law and finance magnet program who wants to become a lawyer. “I don’t like writing at all, and it makes my hand hurt. And I have a smartphone and an iPad, so I know how to use the technology better.”

Innovations in education such as digital learning, extended school days, and compact, modular school design will be featured at the Education Session at MACo’s upcoming Winter Conference.  For more information on MACo’s Winter Conference, see our online registration and brochure.

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