Wicomico County Takes Time on Septic Growth Tiers

A November 19 Salisbury Daily Times article discusses Wicomico County’s consideration of the potential impacts on landowners if the County elects to adopt the growth tiers under the Sustainable Growth and Agricultural Preservation Act of 2012 (SB 236).  While adoption of the growth tiers is optional under the legislation, counties that have not adopted growth tiers will no longer be able to approve major subdivisions on septic systems after December 31.

Wicomico County officials are looking at all their options before adopting, or possibly not adopting, a four-tier system determining where future development can occur.  …

“I’m particularly concerned about farmers because farm land is basically their retirement asset. I’m not convinced that their four-tier legislation would not negatively impact the value of their land,” said County Administrator Wayne Strausburg. “That’s what I call unintended consequences. That gives us cause for being very, very deliberate and evaluating this process carefully.”  …

“That Dec. 31 deadline — I don’t want to call it an artificial deadline — but it’s a deadline for all practical purposes that does not have any immediate consequences for the county,” Strausburg said. “We can take more time to come to a better conclusion, to come to a better map solution — if you will— and I think our citizens will be better served.”

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