County Managers Focus on Watershed Issues

On Friday October 5, MACo hosted a day-long event, inviting a multi-disciplinary range of county professionals to speak with interested parties about watershed implementation issues, and related land-use and environmental topics that counties currently face. Nearly 60 county professionals joined the series of discussions, including strong attendance by land use experts, but also including participation from county administrators, engineers, environmental health directors, budget officers, and other managers.

The group discussion was opened by a brief presentation from several invited speakers:

• David Costello, Deputy Secretary for Policy and Planning, Maryland Department of the Environment

• Jim George, Water Quality Protection and Restoration Plan Program Manager, Maryland Department of the Environment

• The Honorable Mary Ann Lisanti, Harford County Council Member

• Chris Pomeroy, President, Aqualaw, representing the Maryland Association of Municipal Wastewater Agencies (MAMWA) and the Stormwater Association of Maryland

• Erik Fisher, Maryland Land Use Planner, Chesapeake Bay Foundation

The participants and attendees continued with an extended discussion of implementation issues, cost challenges, and policy developments relevant to the ongoing planning and land use laws facing local governments. Further information, and follow-up efforts by multiple parties, are expected to arise from the discussions.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties

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