Municipalities Renew Push To Restore Local Highway Funds

During its annual fall conference, the Maryland Municipal League approved two priorities for the 2013 General Assembly session: 1) the restoration of Highway User Revenues; and 2) to allow municipalities to no longer post legal notices in newspapers.  From the article:

Highway User funding comes from fuel taxes and other transportation fees, and historically the state has shared that money with municipalities. In 2008, municipalities across the state received $45 million from the fund. By 2011, that number dropped to $1.6 million, then inched back up to $6.5 million in 2012.

The city of Greenbelt expects about $93,000 from the Highway User fund in 2013, down from $556,665 in 2009. To make up for the lost revenue, the city has cut back on hiring and salaries, delayed replacing equipment and looked for cost savings such as more energy-efficient streetlights.

Just like the municipalities, counties also receive a share of Highway User Revenues (HUR) and have seen a significant reduction in their share of the funding.   During fiscal year 2010, most counties lost approximately 95% of their State roads funding and these reductions have been carried into future budget years.   Over the past several years, the reduction for all local governments  has averaged $350 million per year. MACo also supports the restoration of these funds as a piece of its 2013 Legislative Initiatives.

In addition, MACo has supported legislation to no longer require counties to post legal notices in newspapers.

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