Capital Gazette Article Discusses How November Elections Could Influence Bay TMDL Implementation

A September 30 Capital Gazette article discusses the potential impacts that the November presidential and  congressional elections could have on the implementation of the Chesapeake Bay Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL).  The article discusses the influence the president and Congress have on environmental policy and the positions of key environmental groups, including the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the League of Conservation Voters.  (Note:  The TMDL was created through a judicial consent decree so neither the executive or legislative branches can simply abrogate the court decision.)

The November election could lead to changes in this latest attempt to restore the health of the bay, depending on who wins control of the White House and Capitol Hill.

“What we’re trying to ensure is that whoever comes into office, that there continues to be strong support for the Clean Water Act and enforcing it,” said Kim Coble, vice president of the Annapolis-based Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

The CBF keeps a close eye on elected officials and employs a lobbyist in Washington, but the group does not endorse specific candidates or politicians.

The president and Congress can influence environmental policy — on the Chesapeake and on other issues — in multiple ways.

The president chooses how much money to propose in the federal budget, appoints leaders of key agencies and can take administrative actions on environmental issues.

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