Governing Offers Free Webinar on Building Healthier Communities – Thursday, September 20 at 2pm

Governing Magazine is offering a free webinar for government, nonprofit and private sector leaders to explore ways to build healthier communities, lower health care costs, and improve lives.  In a time of rising costs, tight budgets and upward trends in preventable diseases such as obesity and diabetes, this webinar intends to provide information for the country’s leaders to build healthier communities.  Last year, Maryland was named the 26th most obese state in the country, with an adult obesity rate of 27.1% and our overall health ranking compared with other states has been between 20 and 25 in recent years.

Nonprofits, advocacy, education and planning organizations, foundations, and private sector organizations including technology firms are welcome to join Governing’s discussion of how to guide policy and create market opportunities that support healthier lifestyles among citizens.  The discussion will include a range of approaches to the problem, including community planning, transportation, economic development, education and public health.

The link to register for the webinar is here.  From Governing,

Join the GOVERNING Institute team for a look at market opportunities created by the healthy living movement and find out:

*What do the data and trends tell us about the importance of this issue for state and local governments?

*What healthy living policies and programs are creating opportunities–in what areas?

*How do healthy living efforts impact a community’s economic competitiveness?

*What existing programs and policy solutions are already having an impact and what best practices are emerging?

The webinar will be held on Thursday, September 20, 2012 from 2 pm to 3 pm.  For questions or details, contact Meg Keller, Director of Marketing, Governing Magazine (800) 940-6039 ext. 1453.

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