Worcester County Facing Steep Costs For Bay Cleanup Plans

In coverage in the Delmarva.now website, the Worcester County Board of Commissioners are facing dramatic cost burdens from the bay pollution cleanup efforts being required by the federal government, with statewide implementation. From the article:

County leaders said in a June 29 letter to the Maryland Department of the Environment that they’re “concerned that the lack of adequate financial resources and manpower, as well as other constraints, will hamper our ability to successful achieve” the plans for cleaner waterways.

The county’s letter takes on the state’s suggestions of additional forest conservation.

The county replied by saying it already has “aggressive land preservation … in which the county takes great pride” and that “any increases in preserved forest can only come with increased funding.”

The state also recommends that Worcester County upgrade 1,859 septic tanks by the year 2025. In turn, the county said that would cost $18.6 million in total, or roughly $10,000 per septic system.

The county also stated in the letter that “local funding is unavailable for such an aggressive program as proposed” but it would be pleased to work with state and federal money.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties

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