Democrats and Republicans Offer Differing Views on Holding a Special Session

While the House Republican Caucus held a press conference yesterday to express opposition to the calling a of special session, Governor O’Malley met with Senate leaders to discuss convening a special session to finalize the budget and revenue plan that did not pass on the last day of the session.  As reported by

House Republican Leader Anthony O’Donnell noted that despite cuts to the budget for fiscal year 2013, total spending still increases by nearly $700 million from fiscal 2012.

“We can survive until next year,” added O’Donnell, stating that the doomsday budget was a “lie foisted on the citizens of Maryland by those who want to come back in here and raise taxes.

However, others believe the special session is needed to stop budget reductions from occurring. As  reported by the Baltimore Sun:

But Gov. Martin O’Malley said legislators need to come back to pass a tax increase to “protect the priorities of our state,” including its highly rated school systems, affordable college education and health and public safety programs.

Asked when he would call lawmakers back to Annapolis, the governor replied, “The second we have consensus, we’ll have a session.”

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