Apartment Recycling Bill Passing General Assembly

A March 16 Washington Post article discusses legislation (HB 1 / SB 208) that would require apartment buildings and condominiums with 10 or more units to recycle, per a county’s recycling plan.  SB 208 has passed the Senate with amendments and HB 1 is currently being considered by the House of Delegates.

The Maryland House of Delegates is scheduled to consider a bill that would require management at apartment buildings and condominiums offer recycling services. 

Sponsored by Baltimore County Democrat Stephen Lafferty, the measure is slated for a final vote Friday.

The bills have slightly differing amendments relating to reporting requirements that counties may impose on apartment buildings and condominiums regarding their recycling activities.  The differences will need to be resolved if the bill is going to pass.  MACo has opposed similar bills in the past because of concerns over local enforcement costs but did not take a position on this bill because the bill does not mandate local enforcement.  However, MACo will continue to monitor the progress of the bill and will become involved if the bill is amended in a way detrimental to the counties.

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