Policy Institute: Pension-Sharing A “Bad Idea”

In a recent publication from the Maryland Public Policy Institute, writer Thomas Firey discusses the Governor’s proposed shift of teacher pensions. While the full article is worth the read, here are the “headline” items Firey addresses:

Step 1: The General Assembly controls teacher pension and retirement benefits.

Step 2: Teachers want less of their pay to be deferred.

Step 3: Politicians and union leaders want to defer teacher pay.

Step 4: Because teachers get less of what they really want, taxpayers ultimately pay more.

Step 5: The local school systems pay teachers what they really want.

Step 6: O’Malley’s proposal will incentivize state politicians to further shift teacher pay toward deferred compensation, and discourage local school boards from giving teachers what they really want.

Read the full discussion here.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties

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