Prince George’s County Considers Disposable Bag Fee

As previously reported by MACo, members of the Prince George’s County Delegation and County Council  have discussed implementing a law that would require shoppers to pay a fee for using disposable bags.  However, before a fee can be approved by the County Council, the state has to pass legislation to enable them to do so.

The Laurel Leader reports that Delegate Barbara Frush, who chairs the House Environment Subcommittee, is sponsoring legislation with Senator Paul Pinsky  are pushing for legislation that would allow Prince George’s to institute a bag fee.

Del. Frush, who chairs the House Environment Subcommittee, and Prince George’s County Democrat Sen. Paul Pinsky are sponsoring the enabling legislation, which is currently awaiting a vote from the Prince George’s County delegation’s County Affairs Committee. If it gets approval from the committee and then the entire delegation, the bill is expected to be given local courtesy and pass through the General Assembly.

Last year, the Prince George’s County Council passed a resolution with six members in favor of the bag fee; two abstained and one was absent for the vote. Lehman said County Executive Rushern Baker is “100 percent behind it,” having listed the bag fee as one of his top priorities for 2012.

Following Montgomery County and the District of Columbia’s programs, Council Member Lehman says the fee will likely be five cents per bag.

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