NACo Publication Highlights Harford County Among “Smart Governance” Award Winners

The October 2011 publication of “Smart Governance Best Practices” by the National Association of Counties profiles a number of jurisdictions across the country engaging in practices to help face the challenges of modern governance. From the publication, Harford County’s “Online Idea Forum” was recognized:

The spirit of innovation, and a government that is responsive to the people it represents have always been hallmarks of our national identity. This collaborative website ( brings these two important principles together and creates an opportunity for citizens to openly share ideas and innovations that they feel could benefit their community.
Harford County has developed an interactive platform that allows its community to come together to discuss ideas, and to connect those ideas with the leaders of government and business in their community. A true measure of any modern society is its ability to create an environment where knowledge is freely exchanged and innovation is encouraged. Harford County leads the State of Maryland in creating tools that both residents and employees can use to help facilitate effective government, explore new ideas in a collaborative manner, and encourage innovation that will continue to make Harford

To see the NACO report, click here.

To visit the Harford County Idea Forum, click here.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties

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