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In the Line of Duty has been a producer of law enforcement videos and now online training for 15 years.  Their reality-based training programs for police are now used for roll call, academy, and in-service training at thousands of law enforcement agencies in all 50 states and overseas.
Online training can be a cost-effective and efficient method for training local law enforcement officers.  Risk Managers nationwide see the value of providing this training to their local governments because it lowers exposure and cost of lawsuits as well as providing officer safety.
Each program offered by In the Line of Duty is centered around an actual incident with ‘lessons learned’ and analysis provided by the actual officers involved.  Each program also includes multiple choice and true-false questions and numerous interactive discussion points making the programs actually mini-‘courses’ for training and education.
The programs range in length from two minutes up to one hour, covering virtually every aspect of policing.  If you may be interested in In the Line of Duty’s online programs, you can visit its website.  The site features every program the company has ever produced in streaming video format.  The site has also added virtual training to its mix which are programs with multiple tests embedded.  Instructors can track and follow students’ progress immediately with either the streaming video programming or virtual training.  There are currently nearly 300 programs/courses available and new content is added regularly throughout the year.
As online training and education becomes more and more popular in the law enforcement community, In the Line of Duty is dedicated to providing the finest possible training options for this vital niche in our nation’s safety and security.  The company can tailor a course to fit an individual county’s need and budget and is approved in Maryland.
If you are interested, please either visit the company’s website or contact:
Jay Carter
Sales & Marketing Manager
In The Line Of Duty
803 469 8564 – office

864 230 8662 – cell

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