Wicomico County Adopts Speed Camera Legislation

The Wicomico County Council recently adopted legislation to authorize the use of speed cameras in school zones.  Drivers that exceed 12mph in a school zone will be fined $40 under the new measure. The Daily Times reports:

In January, council members voted down the speed camera bill. Their outlook changed after they empowered themselves to limit when and where the cameras can be used.

County Attorney Ed Baker said the council can set guidelines for each school individually. It can choose to allow speed cameras year-round or just during the school year. It can allow them within up to a half-mile radius of schools or shrink that zone to 500 feet.

“I’m not opposed to speed cameras going into a school zone … but I think year-round is nothing more than a revenue grab,” said Councilman Bob Culver at Tuesday night’s council meeting.

Councilman Joe Holloway encouraged the county to go through the standard bidding process before signing a contract with a speed camera company. When the council voted down the cameras in January, the lone front-runner for the contract was RedSpeed USA of Lombard, Ill.

The Council has yet to begin the bidding process for the new cameras.

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