Baltimore County Considers New STEM School

In light of its current overcrowding of elementary schools, Baltimore County is considering building a new STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) school. The science and technology school would be built in the northwest Baltimore area and would serve children in kindergarten through eighth grade. The Baltimore Sun reported:

The school, which is still in the conceptual stage, would help to relieve overcrowding in the elementary grades in that area as well as provide a more concentrated focus on subjects that state and national leaders say are important to making the country economically competitive. State education leaders are currently setting up numerous programs in the science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM, subjects. Across the state, several other districts have started STEM schools.

Harford County opened a STEM magnet program at Aberdeen High School about six years ago. A science-focused charter school in Anne Arundel County, which also has a STEM high school, has proved to be one of the highest-performing middle schools in the state. In addition, Baltimore City has both middle and high schools, such as Polytechnic Institute, with programs that focus on science.

Studies have found that Baltimore County’s student population will grow by another 5,000 students over the next decade. County Executive Kevin Kamenetz suggested moving fifth grade to middle school (click here to view MACo’s prior coverage of this recommendation) to address the current overcrowding and the projected student increase. However, after studying the implications of the grade shift, school officials have learned that the transfer would leave most middle schools crowded as well.

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